John Van Hamersveld: TV Life. A Pacific Standard Time Exhibit
'T.V. LIFE' brings together 34 prints of John Van Hamersveld's street photography, covering the 22 year period in his life from 1965 to 1987.

Silver gelatin prints on Ilford fiber paper. Printed by hand at A + I, Hollywood, CA. 20 x 30". Edition of 20 + 4AP's. Signed + numbered on verso. $2200 Matted.
Digital Prints.  20 x 30” (approx).  Ed 40.  Signed + numbered in border. $1250

LA Times Lobby. 1974
The Los Angeles Times Lobby with the guard protecting the world.
Eyes in the Sky. 1976
The late Margaux Hemingway posed for a photographer and the image
appeared as a billboard on the Sunset Strip with no name on a beautiful day.

Painting In A Circle, Utah. 1978
Finding an artist on the edge of a field, painting in

Yellowstone National Park was worth the illusion it is...
Mona Lisa, The Louvre Museum (Paris, France). 1971
At the Louvre I notice artist's painting of the Mona Lisa on canvas.

This was before they put a glass case on the original in the museum.

Pieta, Inside Abandoned Church. Sedona AZ. 1972
An abandoned church on the hillside above the town.
Woman in Station. 1978
One day I was thinking the train station was like a mystery.

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