'T.V. LIFE' brings together 34 prints of John Van Hamersveld's street photography, covering the 22-year period in his life from 1965 to 1987.

State Line California. 1973
Driving to LA from Phoenix, this building would appear in the
huge empty desert as the only thing happening in two hundred miles.
Truck Cafe. 1974
The 70s was the redefinition of the Freeway and towns were not on the routes
anymore + were in postmodern change. I found this old property "Left to Rot".

Chevy in Flagstaff, Arizona. 1973
I once owned a Chevolet Deluxe Coup,
I loved its top speed of 55 miles hour on the highway.
Ship Rock. 1973
One legend has it that Bird Monsters
nested on the peak and fed on human flesh.

Merc Dash. 1978
Looking into the luxury idea of the 1950 Mercury Coupe left to corrode.
Merc Body. 1978
The hot rod dream altered body style of the 1950 Mercury Coupe
was a ideal custom car in its day as this one sits - left to it's destiny.

Silver gelatin prints on Ilford fiber paper. Printed by hand at A + I, Hollywood, CA. 20 x 30". Edition of 20 + 4AP's. Signed + numbered verso.
$1950 each.
John consciously explored the camera's power "as a tool for visual poetry", constantly carrying the camera around his neck to take fascinating photographs
of the found -- people, places, and things. These photographs reveal the "social revolution" in John's own life during this distinctive 22-year time frame.

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