John Van Hamersveld: TV Life. A Pacific Standard Time Exhibit
'T.V. LIFE' brings together 34 prints of John Van Hamersveld's street photography, covering the 22 year period in his life from 1965 to 1987.

Silver gelatin prints on Ilford fiber paper. Printed by hand at A + I, Hollywood, CA. 20 x 30". Edition of 20 + 4AP's. Signed + numbered on verso. $2200 Matted.
Digital Prints.  20 x 30” (approx).  Ed 40.  Signed + numbered in border. $1250

Rick Griffin Emancipated Heart. 1971
Griffin's transformation from the Zap Comic Artist, at his
Cazador Lane Studio with his new Christian Culture painting.

Rick Griffin and Wing
Griffin with an eagle wing. On the bench is his artwork titled 'Do It In
The Road'' for 'The Beatles: Illustrated Book of Lyrics' by Alan Aldrige

Peter Alexander. 1972
Peter's new Venice Studio before moving in, with dog in tow.

Ron Cooper Make a Light Painting. 1969
Ron Cooper in his studio on Figueroa Street, Downtown Los Angeles.
On the table top is work ready to be cast as a resin painting.

Artists Kitchen. 1969
I would see unusual images of a kitchen in the studio.
This is like a classic still-life setting.

Saki and Scissor Suicide. 1972
Some days in the Chapman Park Studio 15, I would have a moment
where I would see some image ironically in front of me and pull
out the Leica M5 and catch it.

Boyd Elder and Child. 1969
An Art School friend Boyd Elder from Chouinard/Cal Arts in 1966. I am
visiting his studio in El Paso, Texas. He's living in a converted water tower,
a circular room with bed, guitar + first child. Boyd is the artist for the Eagles
Self-Portrait Bellevue Studio. 1969
In 1969, I lived at the Bellevue Studio in Echo Park, friends would drop by
during the day and have tea with me while I sketched the talk about ideas.

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