'T.V. LIFE' brings together 34 prints of John Van Hamersveld's street photography, covering the 22-year period in his life from 1965 to 1987.

Beatnik Dog. 1977
There are a lot of freaks that show up at the Pasadena Rose Parade on
New Year's Day. So I see this beatnik dog who just posed for everyone.
He was so conscious of what he was doing.
Gary Wong. 1969
Wong was a Chouinard student friend of mine. On this day he was
explaining an event that "Blew His Mind". Gary was 'The Voice' of
the Pinnacle Concerts - making him the 'coolest guy in L.A.' (still).

Cassandra Jenkins. 1970
She came from La Canada when I met her at a beach party.
She hated La Canada and wanted to be in the hip scene of LA.
Debi and the Painting. 1969
Debi is checking maps to go on the next vacation. The finished resin painting
is on the wall with the Beggars Banquet Album cover by the Rolling Stones.

Rodney (The Mayor of The Sunset Strip) + Dates. 1978
Rodney Bingenheimer, was a radio disc jockey on the coolest
L.A. station KROQ. He always had the chicks hanging on him
at parties.He owned a club on the Strip + a documantary was
made about him recently...or see him at Canter's (back booth).
Punk Billboard. 1978
I was an abstract expressionist painter in my youth
and saw this billboard vandalism as a cool painting.

Debi's Eyes
Debi was like a deer with beautiful eyes.

NYC Girlfriend. 1969
I was staying in New York during one winter with the heater
on -- smoking cigarettes and joints to pass the time.

Silver gelatin prints on Ilford fiber paper. Printed by hand at A + I, Hollywood, CA. 20 x 30". Edition of 20 + 4AP's. Signed + numbered verso.
$1950 each.
John consciously explored the camera's power "as a tool for visual poetry", constantly carrying the camera around his neck to take fascinating photographs
of the found -- people, places, and things. These photographs reveal the "social revolution" in John's own life during this distinctive 22-year time frame.

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