John Van Hamersveld: TV Life. A Pacific Standard Time Exhibit

T.V. LIFE: A Pacific Standard Time Exhibit.
Silver gelatin prints on Ilford fiber paper. Printed by hand at A + I, Hollywood, CA. 20 x 30". Edition of 20 + 4AP's. Signed + numbered on verso. $1950 each.

LA Times Lobby. 1974

Pieta in Abandoned Church. 1972

Mona Lisa, The Louvre.1971

Beatnik Dog.1977

Muddy Waters at Ash Grove.1976

Carrie Fisher Troubled.1977

Painting In A Circle, Utah.1978

Woman in Station. 1978

Eyes in the Sky. 1976

Truck Cafe. 1974

This exciting collection brings together
34 prints of John Van Hamersveld's
street photography,covering a 22-year
period in his life from 1965 to 1987

Rolling Stones, Sunset Sound. 1972

Robert Frank Note. 1972

Ship Rock. 1973

State Line California. 1973

John Landis. 1977

John Hiatt. 1977

Rick Griffin Heart. 1971

Boyd and Child. 1969

Ron Cooper Making Light Painting.1969

Self-Portrait Bellevue Studio. 1969

Griffin and Wing

Peter Alexander. 1972

Artists Kitchen. 1969

Saki and Scissor Suicide. 1972

Debi and the Painting. 1969

Cassandra Jenkins. 1970

The exhibit also consists of photographs
taken by John during his experiences
working as the Art Director at Capitol
Records, traveling between Los Angeles
and New York in the Art & Entertainment
business, and creating art in his popular
Los Angeles studio.

Chevy in Flagstaff AZ. 1973

Debi's Eyes

NYC Girlfriend. 1969

Merc Body. 1978

Merc Dash. 1978

Rodney and Dates. 1978

Gary Wong. 1969

Punk Billboard. 1978

John consciously explored the camera's
power 'as a tool for visual poetry', taking
shotsof the found -- people, places, and

These photographs reveal the "social
revolution" in John's own life during
this distinctive 22 - year time frame.

Note: Red copyright is NOT on final prints
Left: JVH with actual Muddy print. 2011

Contact Alida: or 310.899.3931
Studio appointments available...Larger images (sans copyright) can be emailed...Dealer inquiries invited

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